Fones Tombstones in The Northern Neck Area of VA.
Below are the churches that have Fones tombstones I was able to photograph along with
others that have been sent to me.  If you locate a person of interest go to the section
"Fones (Fownes) & Related Families Originating from Virginia " for information on
  that person.  Click on the Churches name below to view tombstones located there.

       Nomini Baptist Church Founded 1786                               Rappahannock Baptist Church Founded 1830

    Ephesus Christian Church Founded 1870                           Welcome Grove Baptist Church Founded 1876

        Beulah Baptist Chruch Founded 1885                                     Cobham Park Baptist Church Founded 1885

Menokin Baptist Church                                                                            Gibeon Baptist Church Founded 1840

Melrose United Methodist Church                                                          Oakland United Methodist Church


   Coan Baptist Chruch Founded 1802