Fones Tombstones Located At Ephesus Christian Church
Foneswood, Westmoreland County, Va.

Mary Smith (Pittman) Fones Oct 6, 1852-Jul 5, 1901  Richard P. Fones Aug 22, 1845-Dec 13, 1912
Wife of Richard P. Fones                                           Son of James B. Fones

    William Claude Fones Jan 2, 1875-Jun 8, 1948                            Bessie Lillian (Peed) Fones Oct 14, 1880-Mar 21, 1937
Son of Robert Amos Fones, Sr.                                                            Wife of William Claude Fones

     Robert A. Fones Sep 10 1872-Jul 20, 1953                                 Mary (Fones) Waller Nov 17, 1860 -Apr 10, 1939
       Son of Robert Amos Fones, Sr.                                                         Daughter of Robert Amos Fones, Sr.

            James R. Fones 1866-1945                                                             Loula (Armstrong) Fones 1875-1953
Son of Robert Amos Fones, Sr.                                                                   Wife of James R. Fones

                                William Homer Fones 1901-1971                          Julia A. (Dishman) Fones Sep 18,1839-Sep 16,1906
             Son of William Claude Fones                                             Wife of Robert Amos Fones


      J. Bradford Fones 1907-1983                               Nelle Rae (Hahn) Fones 1923-1973
      Son of William Claude Fones                                 2nd Wife of James Bradford Fones



       Willard C. Fones 1909-1996       Mary E. (Trew) Fones 1913-1998                                             Lille F. Fones 1894-1990                             
     Son of William Claude Fones                                                                    Daughter of Eugene Warner Fones, married 1st Robert Hall in 1915,
                                                                                                       .                 Birth and marriage records list middle name as Wade.
                                                                                               .                         Married 2nd Harvey Eugene Fones in 1968